10 Symptoms To Know When You Should Drink Water!!!

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Sometimes we don’t follow the rules of keeping a good health. Read the post about 10 Symptoms To Know When You Should Drink Water. Water is life. You can’t live for a single day without it. Hence, it should be our prime duty to drink as much water as we can to maintain our body functions. Sometimes, we remain too busy at work that we forget to drink water for hours. It affects our body, especially the renal system. So, we should keep in mind some symptoms by which we can understand that we need water right now. Here are 10 such important symptoms to know when you should drink water.

10 Symptoms To Know When You Should Drink Water

water drinking tips for healthy life

1. Decreased & Concentrated Urine:

This is a clear symptom of inadequate water intake. In the hot summer days, we sweat a lot. So, we pass less urine than other times of the year. To compete with that heavy demand for water, we must intake more water than normal. Otherwise, you will pass decreased and concentrated (deep color) urine, which is a clear symptom of your upcoming renal diseases.

2. Constipation:

Water is needed for our digestion process. If there is a lack of water in the gastrointestinal tract, the digestion will be hampered, following by constipation. So, this is another vital symptom of less water inside your body.

3. Dry Skin:

Skin cells need water to remain fresh and functioning. If there is a lack of water in your body, the vital organs will take all of it. The skin will get a little water. So, it will show the first symptom by drying up. If you feel that your facial skin is dry, don’t delay and drink water now.

4. Dry Mouth:

Less water means less saliva production. Sometimes we feel that we have little or no saliva in our mouth to keep it in a moist state. That’s the time to drink water.

5. Lack Of Concentration:

Lack of concentration is another vital symptom of dehydration. If you are working for a long time without drinking much water, you will face a lack of concentration, drowsiness, and decreased energy. Drink water every hour to overcome these problems.

6. A headache:

Decreased water makes blood circulation slower. It hampers blood and oxygen supply to the brain. Then you feel a headache. Our brain cells are very much vulnerable to decreased oxygen. So, whenever you feel a headache, drink water without any delay.

7. Decreased Tears:

Tears are produced all day and night and drained inside the nose. It requires water too. So, decreased water means less tear production. You will feel dry eye resulting in sudden difficulty in watching. You will see fewer tears in your child’s eyes when they cry. So, drink water and overcome this problem.

8. Thirst:

Thirst is one of the alarming symptoms of the fact that you are away from water for a long time. Drink water quickly or your renal system will suffer in the long run.

9. Rapid pulse:

You can feel your pulse with your own fingers by placing it on your other wrist joint area. You must know the normal pulse rate, which is 72 beats/min on average. If you feel that your pulse rate is very high without doing any exercise, you need to drink water now.

10. No Wet Diapers:

This one is applicable for infants only. If you see that the diaper is not wet in 3 hours, you must feed your baby. This is a clear symptom that your baby needs water.

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