26th March Independence Day Picture Download

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26th March is called the Independence day of Bangladesh or shadhinota dibosh. Hope you are looking for 26th March picture or want to download. Then you are in the right place. In this article, you will get 26th March facebook profile picture, cover photo, mobile wallpaper, WhatsApp images to wish. Every year the day is celebrated all over Bangladesh. You can download any photo of 26th March from here. Let’s check all photos of Shadhinota Dibos.

Bangladesh Flag
Bangladesh National Flag Picture

History Of 26th March

The Great Independence Day!!! The promise of salvation!!! March 26 is declared as the Great Independence Day of Bangladesh. This freedom has been achieved in exchange for the blood of millions of martyrs. On this day, the nation remembers his hero martyrs. So 26 March, the Independence Day is the history of the people of Bangladesh to be excited by the promise of salvation. At midnight on 25 March 1971, one of the most defamed cruel army of history, the Pakistani military, occupied with all types of modern warfare, attacked the harmless and unarmed people of Dhaka. The genocide of the country started by the Pakistani Army forces to sink the blood rights of Bangladeshi freedom fighters, even the legal rights of the national election result. That night the ferocious army performed the ruthless killing mission of hundreds of unarmed patriots and best citizens of our country resided Jagannath Hall, Iqbal Hall, Rokeya Hall, teacher’s quarter of Dhaka University, EPR headquarters of Peelkhana, at Rajarbagh Police line. Pakistani Army dug several mass graves in the university area and hundreds of bodies buried the soil and carried the bulldozer on it. Thousands of bodies were buried in different places throughout the city. The river, Buriganga was covered by floated dead bodies of our relatives, friends, siblings, and parents. The whole nation bows to them on the 26 Th March with grief and glory, with passion and pain, with loss and gain. The formal announcement of the independence of Bangladesh declared by Bangabandhu, was distributed in English and Bengali in the form of handbills in Chittagong. Awami League’s Labor Secretary Zahur Ahmed Chowdhury arranged the distribution of Bangabandhu’s declaration of independence to different parts of the country from the EPR headquarters in Chittagong. Chittagong district Awami League General Secretary MA Hannan read the declaration of independence of Bangabandhu from Chittagong Radio at 2:10 pm and at 2:30 pm. On March 26th, Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman was taken to the Flag Staff House as a prisoner from Adamjee College of Cantonment. He stayed in prison there for the day and taken to an unknown place in the evening. In the evening the Liberation War was organized through the establishment of this radio station from the 870-kilowatt transmitters at Kalurghat Radio Station. On 26th March; MA Hannan, Sultanul Alam, Belal Mohammad, Abdullah Al-Faruq, Abul Kashem Sandwip, Poet Abdus Salam and Mahmud Hasan broadcasted the program on freedom and independence warfare from Kalurghat. The program was done on the basis of 7th March’s speech and declaration of independence of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman. Thus the liberation war started on 26th March of 1971. After the massacre started on the night of 25th March, Bangladeshis took an oath of being Independent by liberation war.

26th March Picture Download

26th march independence day bd
26th March independence day of Bangladesh
26th march photo
photo of 26th March
picture of 26th march Bangladesh
shadhinota dibosh picture
26th march shadhinota dibosh picture

26th March Facebook Cover, Profile Picture Download

independence day bangladesh facebook cover photo

26th march facebook cover

independence day facebook cover

This was a glorious rise from the ashes. The common people, police, EPR and army members of East Bengal joined the resistance war. After 9 month’s blood-shaded and selfless liberation war, on 16th December of 1971, a new country has born – ‘Bangladesh’!

Sadhinota Dibos Facebook Cover Photo

independence day picture 1

independence day picture 2

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