37th BCS Preliminary Exam Question Solve

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37th BCS Preliminary Exam Question Solve. 37th BCS Preli MCQ Question Solve will be discovered my site. 37th BCS Preli MCQ Exam hung on 30th September, 2016 then you will get question solve here. 37th BCS Preliminary Exam hung on 30th September, 2016 at 9.30 am to 11.30 am. The 37th BCS Preliminary Exam will be begin at time in entire of Bangladesh that implies seven division exam held in seven focuses in Dhaka, Rajshahi, Chittagong, Khulna, Barisal and Sylhet Division in like manner the PSC official included. Presently in this time Bangladesh Public Service Commission (PSC) at whatever time distributed 37th BCS Preliminary (MCQ) result as needs be of BPSC site. This time 37th BCS Examiner are constantly kept this eye of BPSC authority site. Take a look to 14th NTRCA exam question in our site. We tried to give all BCS preliminary question solution. Like 36th BCS preliminary question solve pdf.

37th BCS Preliminary Exam Question Solve37th BCS Preliminary Exam Question Solve

37th BCS Question Solve Bangla

37th BCS Question Solve Bangla37th BCS Question Solve Bangla37th BCS Question Solve Bangla37th BCS Question Solve English

1. choose the appropriate prepositions in the blank
of the following sentence:
The family doesn’t feel __________ going outing
this season.
Ans: like
2. Fill in the blank with appropriate use of tense:
I couldn’t mend the computer myself, so I _______
__ at a shop.
Ans: had it mended
3. who wrote “Biographia Literaria”
Ans: S.T.Coleridge
4. Othello gave Desdemona _______ as a token of
Ans: Handkerchief
5. Choose the correct sentence:
Ans: all of it depends on you
6. A chart was appended to the report. here
appended means –
Ans: joined
7. The mother sat vigilantly beside the sick baby.
here vigilantly is:
Ans: an adverb
8. Fraility the name is women. Here Fraility is:
Ans: Noun
9. Which of the following words is in singular
Ans: radius
10. “A rolling stone gathers no moss” The complex
form of the sentence is:
Ans: A stone that rolls gathers no moss
11. The new offer of job was alluring. Here Alluring
means –
Ans: tempting
12. “Who planted this tree here?” The correct
passive voice of this sentence is
Ans: By whom was the tree planted here?
13. Education is enlightening. Here enlightening is:
Ans: A gerund
14. Use the appropriate article –
I saw ______________ one eyed man when I was
walking on the road.
Ans: a
15. the word ‘omnivorous’ means:
Ans: eating all types of food
16. complete the following sentence choosing the
appropriate option:
it’s raining cats and dogs, so –
Ans: make sure you take an umbrella
17. the phrase “Achilles’ heel” means:
Ans: a weak point
18. he worked with all sincerity. the underlined
phrase “with all sincerity” is:
Ans: an adverbial phrase
19. this is the book I lost. here “I lost” is:
Ans: an adjective clause
20. which do you think is the nearest in meaning
to “proviso”:
Ans: stipulation
21. Cassandra is a night owl, so she doesn’t
usually get up until about:
Ans: 11 a.m
22. Select the word that is the most closely
opposite in meaning to the capitalized word:
Ans: harmless
23. Gerontion is a poem by –
Ans: T.S. Eliot
24. Fill in the blank. ‘___________’ is
Shakespeare’s last play.
Ans: Tempest
25. who has written the poem “Elegy Written in a
country Churchyard”?
Ans: Thomas Gray
26. Who has written the play Volpone?
Ans: Ben Jonson
27. Shakespeare composed much of his plays in
what sort of verse?
Ans: Iambic pentameter
28. The repetition of beginning consonant sound is
known as:
Ans: alliteration
29. which of the following is not a poetic tradition?
Ans: The Comic
30. What is a funny poem of five lines called?
Ans: Limerick
31. Robert Browning was a _________ poet. Fill in
the gap with appropriate word.
Ans: Victorian
32. P.B. Shelley’s “Adonais’ is an elegy on the
death of –
Ans: John Keats
33. The comparison of unlike things using the
words like on as is known to be –
Ans: simile
34. “Restoration period’ in English literature refers
to-Ans: 1660
35. “The sun also rises” is a novel written by –
Ans: Earnest Hemingway

37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solve General Knowledge

37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solve General Knowledge37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solve General Knowledge37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solve General Knowledge37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solve General Knowledge

37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solve: General Science, Computer, Geology and Mental Ability

37th BCS Preli MCQ Question Solve:

Bangladesh Public Service Commission or BPSC 37th BCS Preliminary exam is going to begin today that implies 30th September, 2016 at 9.30 am to 11.30 am. Bangladesh Public Service Commission is observing the entire strategy of 37 bcs preparatory exam. Bangladesh Civil Service exam has been distributed in BPSC site for 37 bcs mcq result. BCS 37th Question will be unraveled promptly after the examination. 37th BCS exam will be begin 30th September at 9.30 am today. The exam power will be given the inquiry paper on 9.30 am and the exam will last till 11.30 am. 37th BCS inquiry are really MCQ. All out signs of BCS 37th Preli exam is 200. Marks appropriation is as per the following: Bangle Language and Literature 35, English Language and Literature 35, Bangladesh Affairs 30, International Affairs 30. 37th BCS Preli MCQ Question Solve 2016

37th BCS Preliminary MCQ Question Solve:

37th BCS Preliminary exam will occur in Dhaka, Chittagong, Rajshahi, Barishal, Rongpur, Khulna and Sylhet division. Various lobbies in a few divisions have been alloted for the possibility to take an interest in 37 bcs exam. 37th BCS exam will be held in individual area specified in the concede card. The seat arrangement of the exam has as of now been distributed. It would be ideal if you check and recheck your exam lobby and seat. 37th BCS MCQ Exam question and comprehend will be distributed after this BCS exam. 37th BCS Preli MCQ Question Solve 2016

37th BCS Preliminary Test Syllabus

This examination is led on the accompanying Pattern:

For 200 number of MCQ sort Questions having 1 mark for each right answer yet finding of 0.5 imprints for each mistaken answer. BCS Preliminary MCQ Syllabus Latest Exam Procedure, Question design, Marks Distribution and Syllabus points of interest are as taking after:

Bangla Language and Literature: 35 Marks

English Language and Literature: 35 Marks

Bangladesh Affairs: 30 Marks

Global Affairs: 20 Marks

Geology (Bangladesh and Global), Environment and Disaster Management: 10 Marks

General Science: 15 Marks

PC and Information Technology: 15 Marks

Scientific Reasoning: 15 Marks

Mental Ability: 15 Marks

Morals, Values, and Good Governance: 10 Marks

Total=200 Marks

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