5 Shoes every Woman must have in her Wardrobe

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Alt text: 5 Shoes every Woman must have in her Wardrobe

5 Shoes every Woman must have in her Wardrobe

Shoes are a weakness for every woman. Whether they are flats or heeled shoes, you want the right pair to go with your whole look. When it comes to shoes for women, there are endless options to choose from along with multiple color options there are. Every women fashion store is known to keep shoes that women will love. Even many online stores in Bangladesh such as Kaymu or Priyoshop store shoes with amazing deals for ladies to choose from.

If you are thinking on investing in some stylish women shoes, then here are the top five must have shoes that every woman should have in her wardrobe.

Basic Ballet Flats:

You can never go wrong with the classic ballet flats. The beauty of these shoes is that they can go with your everyday jeans or with the chic dress you want to wear for an evening out. From quilted styles to plain leather ones, there is a design for everyone. Generally, ballet flats support a beautiful bow on top that can have gorgeous embellishments present on them. Many women prefer to buy ones that are full of glitter.

Basic Flat shoes


Ankle Boots:

A pair of ankle boots are a must when it comes to the winter season. You even have the option of wearing them in the autumn season as well because they only go up to your ankles. Wear them with socks or even without them to complete your look. Ankle boots have the choice of small block or thin heels to add the extra height that you might need.

Ankle boot shoes


Summer Wedges:

Any woman who does not own a summer wedge needs to buy one! These beauties are made to suit every floral and dynamic clothing piece that you want to wear. Summer wedges can be made from cloth and cloth like materials or they can be manufactured using materials such as suede or leather. Generally, wedges are open so that they can be worn as a breathable option in the summer.

Wedges shoes


Classic Pumps:

Classic Pumps are a necessity. These are either made from patent leather or suede and are worn by a large number of ladies. You have the option of sporting these when in a professional setting or you can wear them when you are going out as well. It is compulsory for a woman to own a pair of black or nude ones for the best look. Classic pumps are known to make you look taller and slimmer when you wear them.

Classic pumps


Statement Heels:

Statement Heels are a great pair of shoes that can turn a normal outfit into a very chic one. These heels are needed by every woman to make herself stand out. You can choose from a vibrant color to a bold print when buying these. Wear them with a dress or jeans, it’s all up to you! You also have the option of wearing printed ones with something plain because they add life to your outfit.

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