BCS Preparation: Imporatnt ICT Question & Answer

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Important ICT question and answer for BCS. Are you a Bangladesh civil service examinee? Then this post is for you. In BCS Preliminary there will be 10 marks from computer and ict. And most of the students can’t answer all mcq question from this part. We collect previous year ict questions. This questions also cover class nine ten and intermediate textbook ict question. As there are too many questions we make a pdf for all ict questions.

Important ICT Question & Answer for BCS

Multiple choice questions for Information Technology. Information technology is a vital part of our every day’s activity. Today’s world is fully dependent on technology as it makes our life easier and updated. Our all basic needs are now reliant with information technology. So a potent person must be knowledgeable about ICT. For this reason, it is a crucial portion in every examination. Most of the people will feel difficulty to overcome these questions if they ignore the preparation of ICT. That is why we try to introduce some important questions of ICT so that you may defeat any question on this section.

Download ICT & Computer Question PDF

To download all ict mcq question simply click the download button below. The download will start automatically. So, you will get 200+ question. Enjoy reading


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