Bcs Viva Tips For Foreign Affairs Post

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Bcs Viva Tips For Foreign Affairs

Bcs Viva Tips For Foreign Affairs. For the candidate whose First Choice is: BCS Foreign Affairs!!!

Foreign affairs” is such kind of cadre service in the BCS where only eligible candidates get chance through their endless efforts, sacrifice and over all dedication. To get chance in foreign affairs a candidate has to possess some specific qualities covering the areas of complete addressing about himself, his upazila, district, division and above all the present status of the country in the international arena especially in the UN, OIC, SAARC, BIMSTEC, NAM and in many other alliance in which Bangladesh is working restlessly to bright the image of its own to the international communities especially belonging to donar organisations including IMF, WB, USAID, JICA, ADB and IDB, foreign policy, different missions of Bangladesh in abroad, having a crystal-clear knowledge on the status and functions of a diplomat, broad knowledge on the current issues across the world, climatic hazards like global warming or green house effect, earth-quake, exporting products of the country especially the garments sector coupled with remittance and FDI, having a sharp knowledge on map-pointing including rivers, oceans, countries, continents, mountains, lakes, seas etc, having diplomatic knowledge on geo-politics, having inns and outs of economic and military alliance with their full history, memorizing the name of capitals and currencies of all countries across the world and above all smart and precise answer with relevant data with pleasing voice which surely would be helpful to score a outstanding marks to reach to the top of success.

Bcs Viva Tips For Foreign Affairs

Reading materials include for Bcs Foreign Affairs:

1) Diplomacy and foreign policy in wikipedia.

2) History of Bangladesh in wikipedia

3) Constitution of Bangladesh.

4) For full information on district visit dc@(your district name).govt.bd

5) A book “ Articles on National and International Issues” by M Imam Hossain

6) National budget of current year

7) Economic review of the Bangladesh govt – current year

8) Guide books including Oracle, Professors and Saifur’s publication

9) Regular study of the English newspapers including “The Daily Star” and “The Independent

10) Collection of the atlas.

11) Website: Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh 

About  Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh  

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs formulates and executes the foreign policy of the Government of Bangladesh. The core guidance of policy formulation comes from the relevant section of the Constitution of Bangladesh In developing the external policy of the Republic, the Ministry draws from the laws of the land, acts of the Parliament, international treaties that Bangladesh is a State party to, and other customary sources.

In discharging its functions, the Ministry follows the provisions of the Rules of Business of the Government of Bangladesh. The Foreign Ministry represents the State to foreign governments and international organizations through its 72 missions across the globe.

The Ministry’s goals is to develop and maintain friendly relations with other States and foster cooperation with developed, developing and least developed countries, and various regional, sub-regional, political and economic groups.

The Ministry pursues Bangladesh’s external economic and trade interests, promotes its culture abroad, and disseminates information to foreign countries. It safeguards the legal rights and promotes interests of its citizens and other legal entities in foreign countries. The Ministry discharges its diverse duties through its headquarters in Dhaka and through its network of Missions aboard. The work of the Ministry is conducted by a number of wings. These divisions gather, analyze and process information, set priorities and draws up options according to the allocation of their individual areas and responsibilities.

You Can Find any job circular of Ministry Of Foreign Affairs Bangladesh from here 

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