Best 10 Things To Ensure Success in Government Competitive Exam

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Best 10 things to ensure success in any Government competitive exam. Here we tried to give some job tips for you so that you can reach your goal and lead a smart carrier. There are many rules and guidelines for competitive job exam. Getting a job is not so easy. In the case of govt job it is too hard. We must follow some rules to get our desired govt job.You should be clearly focused on certain things to ensure your success in any Governmental competitive examination. As everyone sits and fights for a government examination in the ambition of achieving the job. But with a limited number of seats, our government cannot provide every participant with his/her dream job. So it’s a battlefield of Governmental jobs where you have to follow some strategic actions to win your crown of success. Let us find out the Best 10 things to ensure success in any Government competitive exam:

1: Become an early beginner:

Most people wait until the declaration of the official date of the exam or some other landmark date to start preparing for the examination. If you are serious about getting that Government Job there is no better time to start preparing than this very moment itself.

2: Properly plan and plot the strategy

Every day there is a war going on in the real world. And those with the best strategies are the ones who win the wars. So, plan your way first. Decide upon a fool proof strategy that you can effectively pursue and not one which is hypothetical at best. Stretch your limits in your plans and test yourself every day.

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3: The Modification Act:

Never ever be rigid in your life. Not just your exam preparations but your entire life also. Even if you drafted a plan with utmost care and paying attention to every detail and due to some unforeseen circumstances, the plan is not working; Do not fear to change it. If you are not getting the desired result and think that an amendment would solve this, do it. Don’t think that you will be cheating yourself with it. The opportunity to give the exam might come again after a very long time, so don’t think too much before enacting an amendment, if you truly believe that it will be for the benefit of your schedule.

4: Be determined :

After suggesting you to make amendments mid way through your plan, I would also advise you to practice caution and restraint before exercising your amendment. You would have made the plan keeping in mind all the intricacies in the first place, so at first try and work harder with your former plan before taking the step of mending it. Even after sustained efforts, your output is not at par with what you wanted, go ahead and change it at the first chance you get.

5: Test yourself by question galore:

Knowledge is beneficial only when it is tried and tested. Without it any knowledge is half baked. So, to check what you have learned in the entire day just go through a set of questions half hour before you decide to call it a day. Just half an hour of questions every day (Except for the days entirely meant to solve questions) will make your knowledge sharper and ready to use at a moment’s notice.

6: Speed up yourself:

In a Government exam slow and steady does not win the race. So, do not be the turtle here but try to be more like the hare. Some Government exams have an essay section like the IAS, IPS and the State Services Exams. In all those essay bound exams, time is of immense importance. So, during your preparation period focus on your writing speed and practice readable handwriting please (Especially boys). And when the exam is objective type, answer every question as fast as possible and try to attempt all questions.

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7: Never underestimate the subjects:

You might be the Mathematics prodigy of your college or be the current affair wizard of your group. And riding on this achievement you might take either of the two subjects lightly. But arrogance is every man’s folly, never give a shed for it to stay. So, being as highly knowledgeable as you are on a particular subject, never underestimate the power of the subject to take you down by surprise. So, never underestimate even your favorite of subjects and give it an equal share of time.

8: Work in partnership:

Candidates appearing for a Government examination often start their journey solo. They have the potential to breach the success scale and achieve what they set out to achieve but if you have a comrade to tag along with, the ride becomes easier. So, get somebody on the journey along with you. Form a team with somebody who shares the same ambition as you. Boosting each other’s confidence when you are down, questioning each other and checking each other’s knowledge and being with each other throughout the journey, it all gets easier with a life partner.

9: Work Smart!

While everyone agrees that there is no substitute for hard work, there is a new trend evolving over time. Work smart and save time. Time is of immense importance today. And during exam preparation, it becomes doubly important. So instead of working hard, try working smart. Like do one part of the OR course because only one is going to come. Give time to the harder stuff first and do the latent syllabus in the wee hours.

10: Confidence:

It’s your self-confidence which will stand beside you in every strategy mentioned before on the examination day. No amount of preparation and revisions can help you if you can’t remain confident about yourself on the examination day. So, whatever happens, how much so ever afraid are you from the inside, keep a stern face. Keep your face tough and determined to face the exam.

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