Biman Bangladesh Airlines Latest Question and Answer

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Are you looking for Biman Bangladesh airlines question and answer? We provide Bangladesh airlines job exam question solution. The authority of Biman frequently takes exams for many posts. Bookmark this page to get an update in future job exam questions solve. We will update that in this post.

Biman Bangladesh airlines question and answer

Many private job circular and exams are taken here in Bangladesh. Among them, a carrier in Biman Bangladesh Airlines is one of the most demandable sectors. A job at BBA is very lucrative and adventurous. So to take a good preparation for the exam you must have some idea about the question paper and question pattern of Bangladesh Biman Airlines.

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Question Pattern

So, we are here to help you. From this post, you will get all the recent questions and their answer. You get some ideas about the exam questions. After that, you have to read more questions from that subject to make a good preparation for the exam. Best of luck to you. Now take a look at the full question solution.

Recent Question Of Biman Bangladesh airlines 2020

Here is the recent question. The name of the post for this exam was Ground Service Assistant. Total marks for the exam was 70 and total question were 70. Subjects for the exam were Bangla, English, Mathematics and General Knowledge.

Biman Bangladesh airlines question and answer

Biman Bangladesh airlines question

Biman Bangladesh airlines previous year question

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Bangla Question Solution

biman bangladesh bangla question solve

Bangladesh Biman English & General Knowledge Question Solve

11) B) 5th

12) B) 5th

13) A) Quarantine

14) A) 17

15) B. Pakistan

16) C. Nadia Murad

17) c. Susane giti

18) B) Nederland

19) Boeing 747

20) A. Switzerland

21) C. Haugue

22) D) Japan

23) B) Kazi Nazrul

24) D) Falcon

25) A) Chittagong

26) B-787

27) A) Trivhubon

28) D) Srilanka

29) B) Dead Sea

30) Lalmonirhat

31) B. Firfox

32) C. HTML

33) D) Binary

34) B) operating System

35). RAM

36) A. SSD

37) B. Hyper Text

38) C. Having Number

39) b.= Sum()

40) c. 1000kb

41) b. of

42) b. To Buying

43) b) Your

44) a) Than

45)c. in

46) A. Humble

47)a. Hasn’t she?

48) Often do..?

49) b. Deteriorate

50) D) Sustenance

51)A) Miscellaneous

52) C. Breakable

53) b) Doubtful

54) D. steal

55) A) Apex

Biman Bangladesh Airlines Math Question Solve

56. B-20

57. C-2/3

58. A -60(p+200)/(40+p)

59. B- 1

60. C- 9

61. B- x/2-1000

62. B- 50

63. 84.44% D- None

64. C- 800


66. B- 40

67. C- 15

68. C- 3000

69. A 5:2

70. A- xy2z

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