Department of Fisheries Question Solve 2018

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Department of Fisheries DOF Question Solve 2018. Recently fisheries department has taken an MCQ exam test for the post accountant. This is a second class government job. The total question of this job test was 50. Here, you get all the questions and answer of fisheries job exam. We try to give you every govt job solution questions. Keep visiting our site.

Department of Fisheries Question Solve

Fisheries dept question solve is given below. Let us know if any of the answers are wrong. We will provide you 100% correct answer to this mcq question. Department of fisheries is one of the most important sectors of Bangladesh Government. Everyone wants a govt job. This exam creates a huge opportunity for them. Students who take part in this exam are looking for full question solution.

Dept. of Fisheries Question

Here is the main question paper of Dept of fisheries exam. A total of fifty questions are given here. The solution of every part is given below.

department of fisheries question

Department of Fisheries Bangla Question Solution

department of fisheries question solve

Department of Fisheries English Question Solve

16. Rapidly means- Quickly
17. Antonym of Rude- Humble
18. Correct spelling- Honest
19. Bed of rose means- Comfortable
20. in
21. Came, have been living
22. one of the —of globalization is cultural —–. – effect , confusion
23. Sat, took
24. passive form of who spoke it- by whom was it spoken
25. Which one is noun- Nostalgia
26. Synonym of jeopardy- peril
27. Feminine of man-woman
28. Which one is adjective- Beautiful
29. Correct sentence- Dina is taller than each of her four sisters
30. He looked angry but did not spoke angrily.

Department of Fisheries Math Question Solution

31. 16
32. 9
33. 6
34. 780
35. 3x^2 + 11x +6
36. 40%
37. 14
38. 1.5* .30= 0.45
39. 512
40. (x +2a) ( y+3a)

Department of Fisheries General Knowledge Question Solve

fisheries gk question solve

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