How To Get Smart National ID Card in Bangladesh

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How To Get Smart National ID Card in Bangladesh. National ID card getting system In Bangladesh. Bangladesh govt recently take a project to distribute smart NID card among citizens of Bangladesh to verify their Identity. It is a good news for all of us having a Smart NID card. Though in the previous years people of Bangladesh had national identity card but that ID card was not Smart Id card. Extra features added in this new card and people will get a lot of Services from this Smart ID card. But most of the people don’t know about how to get smart id card as well as the distribution time of Smart NID card. 

How To Get Smart National ID Card in Bangladesh

How To Get Smart National ID Card in Bangladesh

The government has started distributing national identity as smart card to the citizens. Many of them have already received their card.

But Smart card yet not reached the hands of everyone. So those who still can not get to know when they’ll hand you the Smart card, can be informed about it all by yourself. Send SMS to 105 or can find out information about it from the website of the Election Commission

You can also know about the date of distribution of smart card through the website of Election Commission: by inputting your NID number and date of birth or form number or date of birth. But whose date of distribution has not been set yet, will be asked to search for that again later.

The date of distribution and the name of the center will be delivered via SMS.

Write SC space your NID number with 17 digits and send to 105. And those have NID with 13 digits, please add their birth year in front of the NID number.

Those who have not yet received their NID number, write SC space F space the registration number of slips Form space D space the date of birth and send it to 105.

What Facilities Smart Id Card will provide ? 

From Smart National ID Card You Will Get 25 facilities:

* Nationality Identify
* Driving License
* Passport
* Property/ Land buying and selling,
* Open Bangladeshi bank accounts,
* Bank loans support
* Government Bhatta or lift
* Support received
* BIN facility
* Share-BO account maintainers
* Business Trade License
* Vehicle registration
* Insurance schemes
* Marriage registration,
* E-passports
* E-Governance
* Gas and electricity connections,
* Mobile Connect
* Health cards
* E-Cash
* Bank transactions and
* Student’s admission facility and more.

So, Hope You Will Get All Information About Smart National ID Card.

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