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How to answer about your salary expectation | Viva Tips. The most tricky and important topic on a CV or job interview is salary expectation. ‘How much would be your expected salary and how to say it on interview board’ is the main point of today’s article. VIVA for job exam is the most important thing to get a job. Most of the job seekers does not have an idea about viva questions. You have to prepare yourself for viva questions before entering into the viva board. There will be some unexpected questions in viva board that you can’t imagine but simple. But answering that questions in a simple way can solve this problem. We are trying to provide you tips for job preparation. So, stay connected to our Facebook Page or Facebook Group to get every update. Govt competitive exam suggestions can also help you.  

How to answer about your salary expectation

Actually the majority of job seekers don’t want to discuss about money. They have actually two types of mentalities. Such as – If you say a figure too high you may miss out on a job offer.  If it’s too low, you may miss out financially.

So you must have some clear knowledge about some points before mention your expected salary on CV or interview board:

  1. Know your skill and the competition condition of job market of your field. Then set your salary expectation according to the position. If your competition is too high then don’t expect a high range.
  1. If you area in a current job then you must switch your job with a higher salary range and the increment is higher than your present work place.
  1. Do some research. There are some websites such as,, those may help you to find a way and to understand the situations.
  1. Research on the new company you are trying to join. Study their organizing structure and the salary of other employee of your position. Then you can fix a salary expectation of your own.
  1. Some companies state their salary range on the advertisement. Then you should be in the range. If it is not possible for you then politely say it on the interview board without showing any wrong attitude.

Now you fix your expected salary but here comes the most tricky part that how to say it on a interview board. Because are you getting the job or not depends on it. There are some ways to deal with the situation:

  1. Try to delay the answering of the direct question, “What is your expected salary?’. With a smile answer it like that you are now trying to improve yourself in your field day by day. And its your main concern to concentrate on your job. And you hope that the company would offer you according to current market.

It’s the most ideal answer of the question. Thus you can put the ball on their court. If they really want you in the company, they will offer you a salary which doesn’t interrupt your lifestyle. And you can negotiate further.

2. State a range of your expected salary:

Some companies will ask you about the exact salary you required after the first answer. Then say a salary range which starts with the expected salary you fixed. Such as if you want 30000 then start the range from 30000 to 40000.

3.You can also say the exact figure of your expected salary through a small trick. Like that state your expected salary with 10-12% higher than the actual amount. Thus in the negotiation, you will be in good position.

Now hope you feel more confident about how to answer expected salary on a job interview.

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