How To Check Grameen Phone SIM Call History Online

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How To Check Grameen Phone SIM Call History Online. Yes, it’s true. You can check your gp sim call history online from grameen phone website. Sometimes we need to check call history online. Checking call history and duration online is an interesting and important feature. Grameen phone has the main versatile telecommunications in Bangladesh. It has numerous components to accommodate its clients. One of them is the eCare framework. You can check your call history of most recent 30 days online from the Grameen telephone’s site. In this post of you will know the complete instructional exercise of that. So why wait?? Let’s discover your call history, duration etc.


1. First you have to register your Grameenphone mobile number to the E-care service. For this purpose, you have to click here. You will see a form there like below


2. Fill the required fields. Enter your Grameenphone number after 88017, your full name your email ID (You can likewise evade this field). Put a tick mark in the container to consent to the Terms of utilization. The structure will resemble the underneath picture. Presently tap on Create My Account catch.


3. Then, you will get a notification like below:


4.  Collect the password that you have just received through an SMS from GP

5. Now, login here with the phone number in 088017xxxxxxxx format and the password you have just got in your phone through an SMS.

6. Then, you will  see last 5 call details and internet usage details in the first page after the login.


7. You will see a button called View History in the upper right corner of the list. Click it. Then you will see a field like below:


8. Select the desired time period (must be within the last 30 days) and click on Submit.


9. A pop-up window will come open . Read it and click on OK button.


10. Now, you will be able to see your call details just like below:


What to do if you are not still able to see call details?

Then, you might have to wait for 1 month from registration in the eCare system. Because the system will start remembering your call list from now and it will be visible after 1 month.

What to do if you are not still able to see call details after 1 month

Remember your call list needs 48 hours to be updated. So input 2 days previous date in ‘to’ option and then click submit. [See step 8 above].

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  1. Bai ami amar bibir phone nambar ar call history and sms bahir korbo.kinto kono takin nambar dete parbo na.aponar pocibol kina?

  2. Bhai gp ecare or mygp apps theke voice call & sms history ki remove or hide or edit kora possible? possible hole sheta kivabe korbo ektu suggestion diben kindly.


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