Mahe Ramadan Calendar 2017 in Bangladesh

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Mahe Ramadan Calendar 2017 in Bangladesh. Sehri and Iftar time of Mahe Ramadan in BD. Rojar somoy suchi 2017. We found this information directly from Islamic Foundation Of Bangladesh. The holy month of Muslims is the 9th month of Arabic year which is known as Mahe Ramadan. Fastng during the month of ramadan is included in the fivr pillers of Islam. The muslims keep themselves fasting from dawn to dusk through out the month of Mahe ramadan. Muslims beleives that the Quran was sent down to the 7th heaven during this month, thus being prepared for gradual revelation by Jibraeel (PBUH) to the great Prophet Muhammad (Sm). additionally Prophet Muhammad (Sm) told his followers that the gates of heavens will be unlocked while the gates of hells will be blocked throughout Mahe Ramadan. The month becomes 29-30 days long based on the visual appearance of the cresent moon according to hadiths. During the fasting period from dawn until dusk, Muslims keep themselves away from consuming food,  drinking liquids, smoking and engaging in sexual relation. Muslims are also ordered tk cease from evil conducts that may wipe out the remuneration of fasting.

Ramadan Calendar ‘Sehri’ and Iftar timing 2017 in Bangladesh


A lot of Muslims maintain the local physical sighting of the moon to spot the commencement of Ramadan but others use the calculated time of new moon or the Saudi Arabian announcement to establish the start of the month.  but the moon has its fixed pathway to travel the world around within 24 hours so the time of sighting the moon varies from not only country to country but also locality to locality. thus each year Ramadan comes about 11 days earlier than previous year. a calendar which provides accurate timing for ‘Sahri’ and ‘Iftar’ is an essential element for the fasting of Mahe Ramadan. the calendar is based on the moon and its travelling pathway globally.  in Bangladesh,  the timing of Shari and Iftar differs from one district to another. Let’s take a look to Mahe Ramadan Calendar 2017 in Bangladesh. 

Islamic Foundation Mahe Ramadan Time Table 2017


Sehri and Iftar Time Difference From Dhaka 2017

You all know that sehri and iftar times are not same in all locations in Bangladesh. It varies from place to place. You have to add or eliminate minutes from the standard time (Dhaka). So, you can download sehri and iftar time 2017 in Bangladesh and also time adjust table. Sehri o iftar er somoy suchi 2017

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