Nobel Prize 2018: BCS Exam Suggestion

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If you are looking for Nobel Prize 2018, then you are in the right place. Here we give you the complete list of this year Nobel prize. Most of the BCS preliminary examination and other government competitive exams there is a question about Nobel prize. So, you have to memorize the name of the person who wins the precious Nobel prize of this year.

Nobel Prize 2018: The Complete List

This year so far the nobel prize 2018 is awarded in five different fields. They are physiology or Medicine, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, and Peace. This year for the first time in 70 years there is no prize for literature section. We tried to give you a complete list of nobel prize 2018 winners.

History of Nobel Prize

In 1895, Alfred Nobel signed his last will to give his fortune to prizes for contribution in Physics, Chemistry, Physiology, Literature and peace. The first Nobel Prize was given in 1901. In 1968, the economics branch is added in nobel prize list.

Table of Nobel Prize Winner 2018

Field Winner
Physiology or Medicine James P Allison (USA) and Tasaku Honjo (Japan)
Physics Arthur Ashkin (USA), Gerard Mourou (France) and Donna Strickland (Canada)
Chemistry (a) one half to Frances H. Arnold (USA) (b) another half jointly to George P. Smith (USA) and Sir Gregory P. Winter (UK)
Peace Denis Mukwege (Congo) and Nadia Murad (Iraq)
Economic Sciences (a) William D. Nordhaus (USA) (b) Paul M. Romer (USA)

Nobel Prize List Pdf

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nobel prize 2018 winner list

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