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Pohela Boishakh picture, facebook photo, wallpaper download. Are u looking for Pohela Boishakh pic? Then you are in the right place. Download all HD picture of Bangla Shuvo Noboborsho. Pohela Boishakh is the beginning of Bengali New Year which is the first day of the first month. Bangladesh and West Bengal of India bloom with special festivals on Pohela Boishakh. Bengalis who are living in Tripura also participate in this festival. As a result, it is a universal festival of Bengalis. You will also gel pohela boishakh bangla sms and shuvo noborsho greetings here.

Pohela Boishakh Picture Download

pohela boishakh picture

pohela boishakh pic

Pohela Boishakh Facebook Photo Download

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Pohela Boishakh Facebook Cover Photo

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pohela boishakh fb cover photo

History of Pohela Boishakh/ Bangla Noboborsho

The festival of Pahela Boishakh began from the time of Akbar. Then everybody had to pay all the rent, fees and taxes on the last day of the month of Chaitra. The day after that, on Pohela Boishakh, landowners used to celebrate with residents of their respective regions with sweets. Different festivals were organized on this occasion. This festival is turned into a social event, which has been transformed into the present stage.

The news of the celebration of the modern New Year was first available in 1917. In order to the victory of the British during the First World War, arrangements were made to celebrate the first year of Boishakh. Before 1967, the practice of the Boishakh celebrations did not become very popular.

Pohela Boishakh Celebration in Bangladesh

The festival of the Pohela Boishakh of Bengalis starts with sunrise. The villagers wake up early in the morning; wear new clothes and go to meet their relatives and friends. The houses are cleaned and keep tidy. There is also special food arrangement throughout the community. Boishakhi Mela is organized in the open areas of some villages. Various types of foods, sweets, toys, clay dolls, utensils are found in the Boishakhi Mela. In many places, there is a provision for eating fermented rice with hilsa fish in the morning. An old culture of this day is organizing rural sports competition. It includes boat riding, stick play or wrestling.

Shuvo Noboborsho

Forgetting all grief and misery of the passing year, all the Bengali people from all parts of the world enjoy the harmony of a new year on this day. Everyone wishes that the New Year is prosperous and
blissful. Different levels of businessmen welcome Pohela Boishakh as an opportunity to start a new business. According to the Gregorian calendar, April 13 or April 15, Pahela Boishakh is celebrated. Every year on 14th April, Pohela Boishakh is celebrated in Bangladesh. According to the modern calendar set by the Bengali Academy, this day has been specified. As Pohela Boishakh is a national holiday of Bengalis, all government and non-government organizations in Bangladesh and West Bengal are closed.

Pohela Boisakh SMS in Bangla 2019

Natun Asha,

Natun Pran,

natun Sari,

Natun Gaan,

Natun Ushar,

Natun Aalo,

Natun Bachor,

Katuk Bhalo

—>Shovo Noboborsho<—

Pohela Boishakh Bangla SMS

Nilimar Nile,

Hemonter sonali dhaker shishe

Sarabela matal hauya jemon kore vase

Temone kore sobar jibon katuk anondo ar ucchashe….

—>suvo noboborsho<—

Pohela Boishakh SMS

Notun Shurjo

Notun Din

Shuvo Lokhho

Shuvo Asha

Shuvo choaa

Shati paoa

Shothik Bondhutto Onek anondo

Notun jibon

Notun Goti

Notun Diner Valobasa

Shuvo Noboborsho

Pohela Boishakh SMS 2019

Shuvo din,

Shuvo rat,

Khao Elish,

Panta vaat,

Kosta jaak,

Ashuk horsho,

Shuvo hok- Nobo Borsho



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