Synonyms and Antonyms for BCS Exam Preparation Download

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So, you are looking for synonyms and antonyms for BCS exam preparation. For BCS exam preparation English part is very important. You have to take a good preparation to do well in this part. Synonyms and antonyms seem tough for many students. That’s why we are here to make it easy for you. Our aim is to provide you synonyms and antonyms suggestions for BCS exam and other competitive job examination in Bangladesh. You can also try Bengali synonyms dictionary. In this article, we provide some synonyms and antonyms list with the meaning pdf. Antonyms meaning in Bengali is provided in the pdf. At first, we provide some list of synonyms and antonyms with meaning in a table. So, that you will get some idea about them. As our site language is English we can’t provide you Bengali meaning here. But, don’t worry. You will get it in the pdf file. Here are some lists of antonyms and synonyms in English. Every year in BCS examination 2/3 questions come out from synonyms and antonyms. Visit our site to get more BCS tips. You can also try English to Bangla dictionary with synonyms and antonyms free download.

Synonyms and Antonyms for BCS Exam Preparation

Word Synonyms Antonyms
Kindred relation, species unrelated, dissimilar
Keen sharp, poignant vapid, insipid
Knave dishonest, scoundrel paragon, innocent
Knell death knell, last blow reconstruction, rediscovery
Knotty complicated difficult simple, manageable
Luxuriant profuse, abundant scanty, meager
Luscious palatable, delicious unsavory, tart
Lure attract, entice repel, dissuade
Lucid sound, rational obscure, hidden

Downlaod Synonyms and Antonyms for BCS Exam Preparation with Bengali meaning

You can download pdf book of synonyms and antonyms for BCS examination. Download link is given below. About 1000 synonyms and antonyms of previous years questions are given in our pdf. Hope, this will help you a lot. Click the download link to get this pdf.

Pdf ডাউনলোডের জন্য এখানে ক্লিক করুন


Online BCS exam preparation synonyms and antonyms

Hope, you have already downloaded the pdf file. Go through the pdf file and you will get some idea about synonyms and antonyms previous year questions. Keep visiting our site to get the update about every educational information. This synonyms are also important for Bank job and other competitive examination.

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