Victory Day Of Bangladesh Review: 16th December

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Victory day of Bangladesh is also called Bijoy Dibosh. The day 16th December is celebrated all over the country as victory day of Bangladesh. On this day the Commanding officer of the Pakistani Forces General AAK Niazi surrendered with his forces to commander Lt. Gen. Jagjit Singh Aurora in 16th December 1971. After 9 month war between Bangladesh and Pakistan finally, the day comes. In those years in the Past Bangladesh was called East Pakistan and present Pakistan was called West Pakistan. The day has great importance and significance to Bangladeshi people. The day was first celebrated on 22 January 1972. It is a public holiday of Bangladesh. On this day, we remember all the people who sacrificed their lives for the independence of Bangladesh. You can also take a look at victory day of bangladesh paragraph.

Victory Day Of Bangladesh Review: 16th December

victory day 16th december bangladesh

History of 16th December

The people of Bangladesh were being discriminated by the West Pakistani Government. They deprived of every basic need. That’s why the people of Bangladesh want freedom. They wanted an independent country. Wanted to live with all their basic rights. But the government of West Pakistan continues their torture to the people. Many movements take place at that time against the authority. Finally, on 25th March 1971, Pakistan Army attacked Bangladeshi people. They killed many innocent and intellectual people of Bangladesh. Before 26th March on 7th March Bangabandhu Sheik Mujibur Rahman raise his voice against West Pakistani Government. He gave a historic speech in sohrawardi uddan Dhaka. Actually, the war begins from that day.

Liberation War Of Bangladesh 

bijoy dibosh bangladesh

The Liberation war of Bangladesh took place in 1971. The war continues for nine months. Many freedom fighters of Bangladesh sacrificed their lives. They fought for the freedom of the country. To gain victory against Pakistan army. It resulted in a country on the world map named Bangladesh. During the liberation war, the whole country is separated into the sector. Every sector has a sector commander. The sector commanders give directions and instructions during the war. The liberation war spreads to the rural and urban areas of East Pakistan. The Pakistani Army killed millions of people. People of every sphere join the liberation war. The old and women crossed the border and took shelter in the Indian camp. In the month December of 1971, the Pakistan army became weaker. Finally on 16th December 1971, Pakistani Army surrender to the Bangladesh and Indian army. From that day 16th December is celebrated as Victory Day of Bangladesh or Bijoy Dibosh.

Bijoy Dibosh Bangladesh Celebration

Bijoy Dibosh is celebrated across the whole country. Every year on 16th December the people of Bangladesh remember the greatest victory against Pakistan. The government takes various programs to celebrate.  Schools, colleges, and every educational institution set many programs. These include sports, cultural functions etc. Students of schools and other institutions gather in a place and share the feelings of victory. Also, on this day everyone remembers the freedom fighters. They sacrificed their lives, called our national hero. On this day, the country has a different look. The National flag is seen everywhere.

Bangladesh Independence Day 16th December

Independence day of Bangladesh has great significance. Victory day brings freedom to the people of the country. The day reminds us the sacrifice made by people of the country. It teaches us what should we do for the country. It teaches us how to become a patriot. Every year on this day, it reminds us not to forget the deeds.

16th December Bangladesh victory day quotes

Are you looking for 16th December victory day quotes? Normally all quotes used in the Bengali language. Here, I give you some pictures. You can use this pictures as victory day cover photo for facebook or victory day picture.

16th December Bangladesh victory day quotes

Picture for Bijoy Dibosh

The significance of victory day of Bangladesh can’t be described in words. In this paragraph, we tried to give you a summary of Bijoy Dibosh. Don’t forget to share this significant day with your friends.

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